Bachus Ltd. BandIT 180

BandIT 180

The BandIT 180-30 desk top heat-sealing banding machine has a footprint approx the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Banding tape is 30mm wide and can be supplied in white, brown and custom print.

Equipped with fast warm up, a new patented mechanism for compactness and a friendly user interface: LCD display and all settings are easily accessed by the press of a button.

BandIT 240-30

The 240-30/50 is a table top heat-sealing banding machine, with 30mm and 50mm width plain and printed tapes available.

Equipped with a simple banding tension control that allows you to adjust to the individual product, a patented tape guide allows for trouble free tape feeding and 'Auto mode' which allows you to place the product in position over the sensor and the machine will automatically band the stack of notes.

Also available is a foot pedal and an extra-large roll holder.
Bachus Ltd. BandIT 240-30