The CMX01 is a heavy duty coin counter.

If you are a vending or gaming operator, you need to count coin. Usually you only count a few denominations then this small and light machine is perfect for the job.

As a casino operator, you will be looking to count coin that has already been authenticated and again you will be looking to count only a couple of denominations, usually pre sorted. Again the CMX01 is perfect for the jog with its light weight and small foot print.
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Just like the CMX01, the CMX02 is a heavy duty coin counter, but thanks to its larger hopper it is capable of holding 10,000 coins.

This can be processed in approx. 3 minutes. Plus, despite its larger capacity you still have access to the coin disc in case a damaged coin is causing a jam.


The CMX10, counts and detects coin.

The hopper is capable of holding approx. 5,500 coin and processes at 650 coins per minute.

As a bank or retailer you need a unit that provides secure detection as well as providing the total of the deposited sum quickly. Usually you do not sort your coin since you give your coin to your CIT company after counting.

Instead of full sorting capabilities you prefer a unit with a smaller footprint that is compact and robust, but still provides you with reliable detection.
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Similar to the CMX10, the CMX20 provides increased hopper size at approx. 6,000 coins and a count rate of 2,300 coins per minute.


Typically the CMX30 is used in larger cash handling organisations and is a heavy duty coin sorter.

It is simple to operate and most functions are available with just one push of a button. The large hopper feeds up to 5,500 coins at once and processes them at a speed of of up to 650 coins per minute.
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Just like the CMX30 the CMX40 is used in larger cash handling organisations that require high speed throughput, all the while being reliable and robust.

The contactless and wear-free cashMAX detection system measures 3 parameters of the coin in order to recognise the denomination or to reject it in case of suspect parameters.