The NC-3500, a single pocket authentication unit capable of authenticating 5 currencies, has advanced multi-detection technology that brings excellent exceptance rates and also catches suspect notes with a high level of accuracy. This unit has various modes and functions to keep up with the growing demands needed within a busy cash/foriegn exchange centre.

Unique clamshell bill path tecnology assists users with quick removal of any note jams and allows for easy cleaning of the unit. Along with a 2.8 inch LCD and user friendly interface, the NC-3500 delivers smooth and easy processing of banknotes.
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The NC-5100 is a 2-pocket authenticator designed for larger volume banknote processing, optimising the cash quickly and efficiently. Capable of detecting 10 currencies and featuring sophisticated image processing technology, this unit provides a credible solution to various sorting operations.

With a remarkably low jam rate and precise authentication, the NC-5100 is as durable as it is reliable.


The NC-6100 is another 2-pocket multi pocket discriminator from the same stable as the NC35 & 5100. Even though it has a smaller footprint than the 5100, it packs the same punch and fits in perfectly with teller operations.

With advanced image processing and capable of authenticating up to 8 currencies, plus multi-detection technology this unit provides low reject and high acceptance rates as an answer to todays high security demands.
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The SB-9 is seriously small, but it delivers! It is the worlds smallest 2 pocket value counter.

Easy to maintain and with a short bill path (meaning fewer note jams) this little unit can easily keep up. The SB-9 offers remote upgrade (via LAN), Bar Code reading and OCR options and can support up to 10 currencies.